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Flexible, effective and affordable courseware is what we do best.

We want everyone to benefit from the potential of personalized learning, so CogBooks creates flexible, affordable products that dramatically improve course outcomes by providing 1:1 support for everyone whether courses are taught in a classroom or online. 

While students benefit from a “just in time at just the right level” personalized path through their instruction and homework, our adaptive learning technology provides valuable insight that frees instructors up to do more of what they do best — teach.

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reduction in student dropout
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increase in student success

Data from a consecutive four-year study in Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors at Arizona State University. 

Our tech is easy to use and reliable

The CogBooks user experience is familiar to anyone, much like navigating an online version of a textbook that also happens to be dynamically adjusting to each learner as they progress through their assigned course material. Hosted on the AWS cloud platform, our courseware will always be available for you and your students whether you’re on-campus or remote, and from any device. 

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We keep students engaged by keeping them on the right level

CogBooks adaptive technology is measuring and responding to each activity while a student progresses in the material assigned by their instructor. When combined with data from millions of other student interactions, CogBooks is able to present the best content (right type, right amount, right level) for that moment in time to keep the student engaged. 

We believe you know best

Our technology is designed to help you (and your course) shine. We’re confident that we’ve developed the most flexible adaptive learning technology platform to preserve your instructional and content freedom whether you’re teaching on campus, online or a mixture of both. 

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Create Your Own or Make It Your Own

Create Your Own

Partner with our in-house instructional designers to create your own adaptive courseware using our content agnostic and pedagogically flexible platform.

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Make It Your Own

Easily configure one of our affordable, ready-to-adopt courseware titles to match the sequence of your syllabus. Available across courses in Biology, History, Physics, Psychology and more.

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