Akademos and CogBooks Announce Strategic Partnership

Akademos and CogBooks are pleased to announce they have entered into a new partnership that integrates CogBooks’ engaging adaptive learning courseware into Akademos’ industry-leading online bookstore and course materials platform. In addition to a more comprehensive course materials ecosystem and agile learning environment that keeps students engaged, this strategic agreement will provide higher education institutions valuable tools and insights into student success.

“Expanding awareness, distribution and access to our adaptive learning courseware through the Akademos partnership will make a  meaningful impact on our ability to deliver engaging personalized learning at scale to benefit the higher education community,”

said Jim Thompson, CEO of CogBooks.

“Regardless of whether or not college coursework returns to physical campuses in the near term, our expectations for successful course and learning outcomes cannot be compromised. During this time of uncertainty, it’s even more important to ensure that students can experience the same connection with their instructors, and the benefits of personalized learning, whether they’re face to face via a webcam, or face to face in a classroom, and this is what CogBooks has been designed to deliver.”

The partnership will offer Akademos platform users access to CogBooks’ library of affordable adaptive learning courseware that augments high quality Open Educational Resources (OER) with additional instructional content, homework activities, simulations, videos and assessments to deliver a highly engaging, personalized experience for each learner.

Instructors teaching online or in the classroom can be confident that learners get the 1:1 support they need at the moment they need it, regardless of learning modality.

No longer having to choose between personalized learning, low cost, and instructional freedom, faculty have the ability to customize content within CogBooks courseware during adoption by resequencing modules to better suit their curriculum or by adding original materials.

Students gain day one access to a personalized path toward concept mastery and course success. Adding greater value, institutions are connected to a continuous data stream of information about how students are interacting with course material content. This digestible and actionable data provides valuable engagement and performance analytics.

“We are pleased to be working with CogBooks to offer increasing choice and value to the students, faculty, and administration at each of the colleges and universities we serve,” said Raj Kaji, CEO, Akademos. “Our course materials platform is uniquely positioned to provide innovative and affordable adaptive learning technology to higher education institutions. Working with CogBooks and integrating our technology will have significant benefits in understanding the connection between course material adoption, purchase, and utilization with academic success and retention.”

About CogBooks

CogBooks (www.cogbooks.com) is a learning technology company that has been partnering with educational institutions, associations and companies to deliver quality, innovative, personalized and adaptive learning curricula since 2005. Since inception, more than 200,000 learners worldwide have benefited from the use of CogBooks technology or courseware products.

CogBooks’ mission is to expand access to education and improve course and learner outcomes at an affordable cost. The company delivers a transformative positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes by applying science-based methods to education, particularly online or hybrid learning modalities. CogBooks has been recognized for its innovative approach by many organizations, including receiving a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop adaptive courseware for colleges as part of the Next Generation Courseware Challenge.

About Akademos

Akademos provides higher education institutions with a full-service online platform to manage course materials, from monitoring adoptions and compliance to purchasing textbooks to measuring utilization. More than just an online bookstore, we give school administrators a single platform to streamline course adoptions and meet compliance regulations.

For students, the platform simplifies the purchasing and access of materials through a personalized portal that connects with school SIS, LMS, and payment systems. Akademos gives colleges and universities a more transparent, convenient, and cost-effective solution to manage how course materials are used and measured, helping to improve textbook affordability and student success. Learn more at www.akademos.com