Check out CogBooks’ Newest Release: Streamlined Systems Integration, Instructor Agency, Data Transparency and Student Motivation are Online and On Point!

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CogBooks is releasing new platform enhancements this month that dramatically improve how institutions, instructors and their students will benefit from the use of its online adaptive courseware. With ease-of-use, instructor agency, data transparency and student motivation in focus, CogBooks’ latest release delivers exciting enhancements to customers.

Streamlined integration of CogBooks’ Courseware Library into campus systems including Canvas, Blackboard and D2L’s Brightspace

A simple, two-step process dramatically improves the efficiency of integrating CogBooks complete courseware library into an institution’s learning management system. Campus LMS administrators have full control over this streamlined process that only needs to be completed once in order to give all instructors access to CogBooks complete catalog of adaptive courseware titles for adoption.

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New “MIYO” [make it your own] capabilities from within the integrated experience

When an instructor accesses the CogBooks Library from within the LMS, they have the freedom and control to make the courseware their very own by selecting modules, submodules and learning activities to suit the unique needs of their course. Upon adoption, instructors may select modules from a single courseware title, or across titles that are available within the CogBooks Library. Also during setup, instructors have the ability to modify various settings that match the assignment or assessment preferences for their course, such as Assignment Completion Criteria, Mastery Parameters, Randomization Parameters, Assessment Pass Criteria and Number of Attempts. Once customized by the instructor within the LMS, their customized CogBooks courseware is the version that students will purchase and access as well.

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New Grade Centers for Instructors and Students

In order to increase the amount of control instructors have as they assign CogBooks courseware, and to improve student motivation, CogBooks is launching new Grade Centers for instructors and their students. Within the Instructor Grade Center, instructors may monitor the progress of their entire class according to the grading rubric established upon course setup, or drill down and take a closer look at individual learners. This new feature enhances some of the existing reporting dashboard insights available to instructors within CogBooks. Students will have a similar Grade Center, and additionally, discover a new persistent prompt in the header of their CogBooks courseware that will show their unique  progress towards successful assignment completion. Prompts such as these have been demonstrated to be very valuable in online or remote learning environments, and are especially helpful with courseware that adapts dynamically to each learner uniquely.

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Seamless Grade Sync to the LMS Gradebook

With CogBooks’ courseware easily configured within the campus LMS from the outset, and assignments and assessment parameters set as well, CogBooks is able to deliver complete transparency with real-time learner engagement and performance metrics back to the learning management system’s gradebook.  Data that is reflected within Instructor and Student Grade Centers will match the data that is captured within the LMS gradebook based on parameters controlled by the instructor. This will help to facilitate instructor communication with students about their progress in the course as a whole, with improved reliability with regard to the portion of a student’s course grade that is attributed to work completed in CogBooks.

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