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CogBooks Courseware

The courseware for instructors who love to teach.

CogBooks Courseware is a complete course solution purposely built for personalized learning and ideal for instructor-led courses taught online or on-campus. And because students learn so effectively in CogBooks, face to face time with students just got a lot more fun. 

An affordable and engaging complete course solution

CogBooks Courseware contains all of the necessary instructional materials, homework, video, interactive exercises, and formative assessments required in the courses we’ve released within Biology, History, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and more. Our intuitive user experience expertly weaves all material together into an engaging and mobile learning environment for students that requires no on-boarding and is affordably priced at $39.95 in most courses. 

Purposely built for personalized learning

We’ve been honing our expertise in adaptive learning technology for more than a decade. During this time, we’ve learned exactly how to discover, prep and develop instructional, interactive and assessment materials that deliver the best learning outcomes in an adaptive learning environment. In fact, our courseware will often feature 3-5 times the amount of instructional content found in a linear textbook in order to deliver unique, 1:1 high-impact support or just-in-time remediation for any student regardless of their academic background or prior knowledge of a subject. 

Ideal for instructor-led courses, on campus and online

While some adaptive learning solutions work best as autonomous self-driving vehicles, CogBooks Courseware is designed for when an instructor is leading the way. A little drag-n-drop and our courseware can be easily resequenced to match the exact needs of your syllabus, even from within the frame of your learning management system. Instructors set assignments, control due dates and grading from within their dashboard, and analytics provide at-a-glance insight into what students know or don’t know. Social collaboration tools and in-app messaging make it possible to engage with students on-the-go, and analytics free up more time to do what you do best – teach. 

CogBooks Courseware leverages industry standards to integrate seamlessly and securely within Blackboard, Canvas, D2L or any other any LTI compliant learning management system.

Biological Sciences

Biology is the science of life. This course provides an introduction to biology for non-science majors.

Health & Wellness

Provides students insights and strategies to navigate college life, with a focus on health.


“The History of the United States to 1865” provides a balanced approach to building historical awareness...


The Introduction to Statistics course helps learners understand statistical concepts and reasoning skills...


Principles of Sound Reasoning is an Introductory Course in both Formal and Informal Logic…


Physics is concerned with describing the interactions of energy, matter, space, and time…


This course introduces students to the art and science of psychology...

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